What is the difference between a Dinner Suit and a Tuxedo

Both dinner suits and tuxedos are more formal than a normal suit. Usually they have satin/silk lapels or trimmings. Tuxedos is an American English term whereas Dinner Suits are a United Kingdom term for essentially the same type of suit.


How do I find out my measurements for a suit

Measurements can get confusing when referring between inches vs centimeters and European vs American sizes. Grab a tape measure and fill in these 9 measurements so we can find the best fitting suit for your needs. 

How long does it take to hire a suit

If you already have your measurements we can have a suit ready for you in 10-20 minutes. If you need to come into our store for measuring this might take an additional 5 minutes.

What to wear to a black tie

If the invitation says “Black Tie”

It is generally accepted that “Black Tie” requires formal attire. Take advantage of this opportunity to truly look and feel your very best in a Dinner Suit. Today, “Black Tie” means formal attire, not specifically to wear a black tie.

What to wear to a black tie preferred

If the invitation says “Black Tie Preferred”

Indicates that the host prefers quest to wear formal evening attire to the special occasion. Black Dinner Suit or a dark contemporary style Dinner Suit are also acceptable. Non-formal Dress Suit are acceptable, but not preferred by the host.

What to wear to a semi formal

If the invitation says “Semi Formal”

In strict and very proper social circles, “Semi Formal” means “Black Tie”. However, today, if a host wants his guests to wear Black Tie Dinner Suits, he will generally the phrase “Black Tie Event”. “Semi Formal” allow all style of Dinner Suit or Dark Lounge Suit with a business shirt and long tie.

What to wear to a school formal

Attending your School Formal

It is normal for the boys to dress in “black tie” with high fashion neck wear or a lounge suit with a long tie but always remember this is a special event, go in style with individuality and ask for advice from a Formal Wear of Melbourne representative.

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